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Newborn Baby
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Newborn Program

0 - 15 Months

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for babies aged 0-14 months. Our experienced team is here to offer expert care, giving your little ones the utmost attention and support during these crucial early stages of development. Trust us to provide the highest level of care for your precious bundle of joy.

Infant Baby
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Infant Program

15 - 24 Months

We offer a safe and nurturing space for curious explorers aged 15-24 months. With our experienced team's gentle care and guidance, your little ones will thrive during this exciting stage of development. Trust us to prioritize your child's happiness and well-being, ensuring a loving and supportive environment every step of the way.

Infant Baby
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Toddler Program

24 - 36 Months

Step into the joyful world of our Toddler Program, designed specifically for little ones aged 24 to 36 months. With our nurturing environment and dedicated teachers, we empower your child to explore, learn, and thrive. Rest easy knowing your toddler is in loving hands, receiving the best care and endless opportunities to shine. Discover the magic of early education with us today!

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3 - 5 Years

Embark on an exciting learning journey with our Preschool Program, specially tailored for children aged 3 to 5 years. We create a welcoming environment where young minds thrive. Our dedicated educators inspire a love for learning through interactive activities and play, empowering your child to discover, grow, and build a strong foundation for a bright future ahead. Join us in shaping a lifetime of curiosity and achievement!

School Baby
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6 - 12 Years

Our supportive and enriching environment sets the stage for growth and success. With a dedicated team of educators, we foster a love for learning, critical thinking, and social growth. Watch your child flourish as they develop essential skills and gain the confidence to succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Prepare them for a lifetime of achievement and join our empowering school community today!

Enroll your child today for a caring and enriching experience at our day care center in Rockford, IL!

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